Frighteningly Helpful Job Hunting Resources

Looking for some job hunting inspiration? Just like the Sanderson sisters hunting for children? Look no further, here are frighteningly helpful job links to check out when it comes to your next job hunt.

Editors note: This blog has been updated Nov 2021.

1. The Resume Update that will Make You More Hirable - Instantly

2. Is LinkedIn Still the Best Way to Find a Job?

3. Networking for Introverts

4. The Biggest Interview Red Flags 

5. How to Prep for a Virtual Job Interview

6. How to Talk About Your Layoff in an Interview

7. How to Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

8. How to Handle Getting Fired or Laid Off

9. How to create a creative resume that gets you hired

10. How to Convince a Hiring Manager You're the Right Person for the Job

11. What you can learn from zombies about job hunting💀

12. The one book you should read to help you "leave your mark" on your job hunt

13. 9 Job hunting tips from recruiters

14. Personal branding tips you can learn from the pumpkin spice latte🎃

15. Shockingly cute dogs share their best job hunting tips

16. 23 Quick tips for a better resume

17. 9 Ways you can write a better cover letter

18. How to Market Yourself Online

19. How to use LinkedIn for your job search

20. A must read if you just got fired

21. Making your LinkedIn profile photo shockingly good👻

22. How to handle sneaky job interview questions

23. 5 Skills That Will Prepare You for 2025

24. 3 Signs its time for resume help

25. Ways job hunting is like dating

26. How to Make a Career Brand💼

27. Getting your first freelance job

28. Why your next role should be as a "marketing generalist"

29. How to clean up your social media for a job search

30. 5 Job interview disasters to avoid

31. Crazy creative ways to get the job👹

32. 5 Outdated job hunting methods

33. How to nail a video job interview

34. The job market crystal ball🔮

35. What it's like to work with Artisan

36. 3 Ways to reinvent your career

37. Why variable income shouldn't be scary👽

38. How the right attitude can get you the job

39. How to Network When You Hate Networking Events

40. 4 Secrets That Will Improve your Employment Prospects  (thank you to Ms. Brown's class for the submission!)

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