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How to Create More Engaging Content

Engaging content doesn't look the same for everyone or every brand. First, you have to do some research on what makes you unique, then choose content types, all while making use of SEO terms and appropriate hashtags. Of course, social and SEO algorithms are always changing—there is nothing you can do about that. The solution is in knowing what makes you authentic and how to build a schedule that engages your target audience regularly (aka, a content calendar!). Let us walk you through how to create ongoing, engaging content, even if you’re just a one-person brand.

First, define these three aspects of your brand: 

  • Your target audience - What is their age range? What do they already enjoy and engage with? What are the trends that appeal to them? What hashtags might they follow? What do they seem to like most about you (ie, why do they follow you?)
  • Your authentic voice - Are you sarcastic? Witty? Serious? An advocate? High energy? Whimsical? Get to know every aspect of what makes your voice unique because it will be the lens through which all of your content passes. Need extra help? We have an article about personal branding.
  • Content types that fit your brand - What do you want to be spending your time creating? What do you like to talk about most? What is most valuable to your audience? Reels were once pushed by algorithms, but now they’ve returned to the same status as any other content. Create a variety of media types, from reels to carousels to poll posts, to keep it exciting for your audience. If a new feature comes along, be one of the first to try it out. 

Next, you have to decide what types of content fit your unique perspective. Usually, it’s great to pick five to seven different types of content that you can cycle through each week on your calendar.

Here are some ideas that work well for engaging audiences:

Type 1: Establish how you are the authority

  • These types of posts contain tutorials, providing advice, letting people in on your daily habits and hacks, showing how far you’ve come, showing your work in progress, and celebrating your wins publicly. Showing everyone that you’re an authority on a subject is not only a win for your credentials, but it may also help you find clients and collaborators who like what they see.

Type 2: Use the power of storytelling

  • Some brands will want to get really personal. Other brands can tell the story of how each of their products or projects came to life. These posts can be as technical as client use cases and as lively as a silly stand-up routine—you get to decide how your story can be told using your own voice and gauging your audience’s interests. Highlight these stories at the top of your feed for any newcomers who may be interested in your brand story and products. 

Type 3: Give everyone a sneak peek

  • Show people behind-the-scenes content. That could look like a step-by-step process of how you designed a product or a glimpse into your HQ, on-set during a photo session. You can make these sneak peeks live, with a complete Q&A if you don’t want them permanently on your feed. You can even make them creative like choreographing a classic music video—whatever it looks like for your brand, show off your personality and craft. 

Type 4: Ask and answer popular questions

  • You might call this “clickbaity” content, but the difference between clickbait and your posts is that you will deliver real answers by providing unique and personal advice about the industry. Phrase your opening statements as a mysterious or controversial hook, like “The One Time Management Hack I use Every Day”. It’ll get people watching for longer (especially reels on Instagram) and will help make people curious about what other interesting information can be found in your feed. 

Type 5: Engage your audience in user-generated content

  • Find mutually beneficial ways to spread excitement about your products with user-generated content (UGC). This could look like a fundraiser for a good cause, a contest in exchange for sharing your posts, or paying for affiliates and influencers to speak about your products. UGC content helps get the message out about your brand while giving back and fostering community amongst people who appreciate one another's offerings. 

Type 6: Ask for opinions through polls and surveys

  • Polls and surveys help you improve your offering while engaging your audience. Everyone feels appreciated that you, the creator, are considering their points of view in making the creation better. You also get to know who your big fans are and how you can turn others who may be on the fence into loyal customers.

Type 7: Hold contests, giveaways, and surprise sales

  • Reward your audience with the occasional contest in exchange for follows, shares, and likes. Giveaways and surprise sales might encourage people to turn on notifications so they never miss a post from you. Big announcements, like making limited-edition products available, also belong in this category. The more often you reward your audience with surprise content, the more often they’ll want to stick around to see what you’ll offer next.

Type 8: Adapt trends and holidays to your brand

  • If you notice competitors in your industry taking part in campaigns like “Halfway to Black Friday”, you may feel it’s right for your brand to jump on that trend. An even better idea? Create your own brand’s holiday based on one of your value props. For example, if you are a brand that is also a woman-owned business, you might start a “Woman-Owned Wednesday'' holiday that showcases your brand amongst other powerful women-owned brands you love. By creating your own trends and holidays, you’ll engage others while building community.

Once you outline your content, create a content calendar. Then after a few months, change out anything that’s not working for some more types of content that do work. Yes, it will seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember to start with what is manageable and fun for you. As you gain momentum, you’ll notice that creating engaging content becomes easier and more intuitive. 

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