Which candidate should you extend an offer to?

3 Signs to Extend a Job Offer ASAP

Right now there are so many people interviewing for their next role and you might be the hiring manager who has to make that difficult decision of whom to hire within your list of great candidates. There’s also added pressure that you need to work quickly to interview them otherwise they’ll get snatched up by another company. But there are a handful of tell-tale signs that you can look for when trying to make the best choice.

1. You're the reason they're ready to change jobs

One of the best questions you can ask is, “What makes you interested in our company?”, and watch what happens next. There are two parts to this answer—that (1) your company made them think differently or changed them in some way and (2) because of this job posting they absolutely had to apply. It’s not about how the candidate fawns all over you (and you’ll see through that right away). Their answer should tell you how they’re dedicated to your mission beyond the surface level because they value the same things anyway. Plus, their interest is so dire it’s making them change their minds about where they want to work. You’re already two peas in a pod, but they have yet to work for you! So make it happen.  

2. They can envision growth for your company (with specific examples!)

It’s one thing to prove how they already have the hard and soft skills to do the job. It's another to see their thoughts on your brand and your efforts. A good question to ask is, “What would you change about one of our more recent projects?” Their answer will tell you more about how they envision you moving forward in some way, whether it’s embracing certain new trends or changing how you appear on different platforms (as examples). Their answer will also show you their capacity for critical thinking, even when it comes to your company (one of their favorites). Just don't take their answers personally! Their fearless skills and creativity in improving your product could help you big time. Make that offer!

3. They have plans for growing their career with your company.

It’s extra important to know that you’re hiring a person who wants to stick around long-term. If you ask about their future career goals and they have an outline for where they would take their career, given the chance, think about how feasible it is for you to make their dreams a reality. If the two are aligned in wanting the same things, this is another great sign of a promising business relationship. For example, they might hope to hone their skills while expanding your offering, which you would be able to reward later with a full team under their supervision in a leadership role. If this type of future is possible, go for it and hire them. 

The above three great signs to hire a potential candidate are just a few we recommend, but they’re not a substitute for your own intuition. Interviewing remotely also has its own challenges and, even if the candidate answers all the above questions satisfactorily, it doesn’t 100% mean they’re The One. Leaning on your intuition, guidance from your peers, and giving your decision at least 24 hours to breathe before making your offer will help you feel your best about making an offer.

Speaking of, if you’re looking for top talent to hire for your next project or for full-time, we can help!

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