How Can Small Businesses Attract Big Talent?

The competition can be fierce when you're searching for the brightest stars in the creative field. Large companies and ad agencies that offer the best in benefits and salaries can afford to attract top-notch creative teams. But if you're a small business, how can you find resources that are just as talented?

Once you find them, what's the key to keeping them? 

How Important Is That New Creative Hire?

When you're trying to sell a product or service, your company's brand image becomes very important. The creative work that goes into the process of brand building is extensive and it can make a real difference in your bottom line. Creative teams have come up with some of the most recognizable trade names, tag lines, and logos in our world today, from the Apple logo to the phrase, "Where's the beef?"  

Your business begins and ends with design, marketing, and communications as a promotions tool, so you'll want to hire top notch creatives.

How Can Small Businesses Attract Big Talent?

If you own a small company, how can you find a creative resource that elevates the business? How can small businesses attract big talent? We polled our talent acquisition teams and discovered ways for small businesses to become just as attractive to a new hire as the big players in the market. Consider these tips:

  • Offer non-traditional benefits
    Avoid a rigid time clock punching environment. It doesn't matter how you run the rest of your business, it is crucial to offer a creative staffer an open and flexible work environment. Their job is different from every other job in your business, and allowing flex time, or the ability to work from home, will go a long way toward selling a job prospect on your business. Avoiding micromanagement, while still creating a culture of accountability for deadlines, will be crucial. See two other ways to keep creatives happy here.
  • Environment is everything
    The fact that small businesses lack bureaucracy is a huge plus. Leadership and staffers work elbow-to-elbow to engage customers and build the business. This is potentially attractive to a new candidate; they are not just a cog in a factory process, but are on the front lines with the CEO, slugging it out with the competition for new customers. In a small business, a creative staffer will probably be allowed the flexibility to grow beyond their job description, and for the right candidate this will be incredibly important.
  • Team engagement
    Most people long to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves. This goes to the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit found in the small business. Making a small business great is mission-driven, and many entrepreneurs treat their employees like family. 

How Can a Small Company Compete for the Best Talent?

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