Improving Hiring Speed: Getting Applicants Interested

Do you need help improving hiring speed? Hiring the right talent is important to making sure the job is done well. While you can wait a while for the right candidate to come along, what can you do if you're not getting enough applications? You have to increase your pace.

Waiting for too long could be detrimental to your company, so here are a few ways to increase your hiring speed. 

Make the Job Interesting (and Realistic) on Paper

The first thing you should do is write down all the job specifications. Make them realistic, and write them in a way that will interest candidates. For example, instead of saying, "40-hour workweeks with limited time off," you could state, "full-time with the potential for overtime."

Being clear about what you expect out of candidates is important. List the most vital experience requirements up front, so you don't waste your time or the candidate's time. For example, if you're hiring a Graphic Designer, you'll want to know the individual can use Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or other similar programs. If you list these items at the bottom of your requirements, the candidate may think they're less important than if you put them up front and emphasize their importance. 

Create Distinct Job Posting End Dates

Jobs with no end date listed are less likely to receive a flush of applicants right away; they may think they have more time to apply. When you post your job, make sure you indicate the closing date and stick to it; close the job sooner than you need to hire, so you have time to look at the candidates.

Don't wait until all candidates have applied before sorting through them; as the resumes start to pile up, make sure you're going through them and short listing anyone who you think could make the grade. 

Double Down with Double Posts

If you don't think you're getting enough applicants, consider posting two job postings instead of one. They may both be the same, but users are more likely to click on something that looks familiar; duplicates do that job for you and give you twice the visibility.

Don't forget: Post open jobs on all available avenues like LinkedIn, Glassdoor,, etc.

Hire a Creative Staffing Agency

If you need to fill a job ASAP or are working on improving hiring speed in general, why not reach out to hiring experts? Artisan was recently listed as one of the top Staffing Firms and has tons of qualified talent. Whether you're looking for Copywriters in Chicago, Creative Directors in New York City, or a Social Media Specialist in Denver, Colorado, Staffing Agencies like Artisan Talent will find you the perfect fit for your needs.

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Whether you need talent today or months from now, hiring is an important process that has to be swift and efficient. Improve your hiring speed and get the job done faster with help from Artisan Talent.

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