Millennials and Hiring

Stop Blaming Millennials for Your Hiring Problems

Millennials are a hot-button topic, especially when it comes to the workplace. You'll often hear complaints about hiring with and working alongside them. Keywords often associated with Millennials include unmotivated, apathetic, entitled, sore losers, needy, whiny, and the list goes on. It's the whole "kids these days" mentality, and, aside from being unfair, it's also inaccurate.

"Kids these days" was very much alive and well when Generation X, the "me generation" hit the workplace as well. There was a stark difference between this upstart generation and the baby boomers, but it all worked out. Now the Millennials are pouring into the workforce, and too many hiring managers are buying into the myths that these younger candidates will make their lives more difficult. 

It's simply not true. 

Why Millennials Make Excellent Employees

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Millennials have much to offer your business. Let's look at the advantages:

1. They Easily Adapt to a Variety of Work Environments

While their older counterparts may struggle with unconventional, transient, or experimental workplaces, Millennials embrace new or changing environments with enthusiasm.

2. They Also Adapt to New Technology and Ways of Doing Things

New software? New management? New policies? It's okay. The learning curve is short with them. Resistance is lower and the adaptation rate higher. Looking to shake things up? Ask your Millennial workers — they will have plenty of suggestions for you.

3. They Are Open-Minded and Work Well in Diverse Teams

Let's face it, the fantasy of teamwork and collaboration doesn't always match up to the reality. Egos, personalities, etc., have the potential to create friction that slows progress. 

But your Millennials are less likely to struggle with this type of collaborative environment. While natural leaders may emerge, there is less likelihood that a strict hierarchy will develop and more likelihood that your team will focus on the work at hand. Millennials see the value and potential in diversity.

They aren't as distracted by differences and are far more likely to find similarities. They see a level playing field and are less likely to dismiss an exciting new idea because it came from "the new guy" or someone lower on the proverbial totem pole. In the Millennial team, everyone has a voice. This mentality means that amazing ideas don't slip through the cracks because they didn't come from the "right" place.

4. They Don't Take Failure (as) Personally

Gen X and baby boomers have a tendency to take failure hard. Millennials not so much. While their older counterparts may lament about the "everyone gets a trophy" mentality they believe Millennials have, they fail to notice the upside: Millennials spend far less time wallowing in their failure and far more time iterating, innovating, and applying lessons learned.

5. They Care

The notion that Millennials don't care about much is untrue. This generation cares about politics, the environment, the little guy, the planet, and you and your business. They are involved and engaged. It may not look the way you expect or are used to, but it's true. This group of young people is invested in the future. They are also physically healthier and emotionally intelligent. 

Bottom Line? Don't Count Them Out

Millennials and Hiring

Sure, Millennials have their quirks, but don't we all?

Don't let these quirks keep you from the benefits of incorporating the younger generation into your workplace. Don't be scared off by the myths that Millennials don't work hard or that they have entitlement issues.
In fact, our Social Media Manager Kirsten Agnello-Dean wants you to remember the different types of Millennials. Click here to read her post.


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