Rage Applying: The job search trend to skip

Alternatives to Rage Applying

The social state of the workplace has been through so many ups and downs throughout the last few years. The Great Resignation saw large numbers of people refusing to work back in 2021. 2022 saw the viral sensation of Quiet Quitting, where workers refused to go above and beyond their job descriptions. Today we’re seeing a whole new collection of workers hail the idea of Rage Applying—which refers to getting so angry toward your current management that you apply to any and every available job you see.

TBH Rage Applying isn’t a new idea and we’ve probably all done it before in the past. If you have, you know that it rarely lands you a lasting job you love. Plus anyone who interviews you will probably be able to see your rage as you tell them about your current situation or fake a response about “why you want to work at their company”.

If you want another, better job, do these things instead:

1. Channel your rage into updating your resume or portfolio

While angry, you’re bound to think about all of your best qualities and how you can do better in a different position. Turn your angry internal rant into a strong resume, portfolio, and cover letters (again, when you’re off the clock). List out all of your skills and your project success from your current position. Look at what you want to do next with your career, based on everything you’ve already accomplished. Fashion your best qualities and statistics into talking points for your resume and cover letters, or save them for your interviews. Write out case studies and add them to your website. You’ll feel good seeing all you’ve accomplished—and it’s a lot more productive and better for your mental hygiene than staying angry.

2. Wait until you're off the clock and calm before applying

It can be tempting to rage apply while you’re at work, almost like you’re asking to get caught and are fine with the consequences. But you know at the end of the day, that doesn’t help anyone, especially not yourself or your future career. If you were to get let go, your current boss could report this to any company that inquires about your past performance. You never know what could follow you or hurt your reputation, so it’s always best to apply from the comfort of your home, no matter how angry you get. BTW, there are plenty of promising industries hiring right now, so perhaps focus on investigating areas of work and companies you haven’t considered before.

3. Want a different career altogether? Upskill

If making a list of everything you already do doesn’t fill you with pride, maybe there’s something else you’d rather be doing for work. While going back to school can be very expensive and time-consuming, taking a course here and there to grow your skills is much more affordable. Plus, you’ll be following your heart toward something you love, you’ll face new, energizing challenges, and both will put you in a better position to move toward a better place in your career.

4. Set dates on your calendar to meet new people

Find people you want to work with and go meet with them. Maybe there’s a company you want to work for, but there are no job openings there at the moment. Or the competition is really tight for a job you want at this dream company and you need to make your name stand out. Both of these situations require you to take initiative. Email the hiring manager, introduce yourself, and suggest a potential coffee date. If there is no job in question but an industry you want to break into, find where your people meet up and attend their seminars, conventions, or networking events.

TLDR; Rage Applying won’t get you the lasting, satisfying results you’re looking for in a career. If you are in a truly toxic situation and are able to leave, save up some money and then go for it. Otherwise, take a chill pill and channel any of that rage into more productive ways of landing a job you love. 

As always, if you’re looking to find a new gig, our recruiters are always ready to help.

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