The 4 Best Secrets for Staffing Smarter

At the very least, you’ve read about how much it can cost your company when you hire the wrong person for the job. Unfortunately, it’s probably more likely that you’ve experienced the frustration that comes from actually making that mistake.

Either way, it’s a bummer. Making a bad-hiring decision can be very costly in all kinds of ways. But how can you be sure that you’re staffing smarter the next time around?

Ask: Where’s the Passion?

Entrepreneur interviewed Adam Bornstein, founder of Pen Name Consulting. He suggests, “Great hiring is really about identifying passion.”

Bornstein correctly points out that a resume isn’t necessarily the best indicator of a successful job candidate; he suggests looking for some of the qualities that make a good employee. In addition to passion, look for reliability, creativity, organizational skills, and intelligence.

We’ve taken a few of Mr. Bornstein’s recommendations and a few of our own to come up with four secrets to staffing smarter. Here are traits and characteristics to look for. We’ve included sample interview questions to help you ferret out your next great hire.

The 4 Best Tips for Staffing Smarter


  1. Look for an invested employee

    A future invested employee often comes from candidates who ask the best questions during the interview. Think about how engaged they might be in your company. If you get the sense that it’s going to be just a j-o-b for them, walk away.

    Good interview questions to ask:

    - - Tell us about a project or task that you were personally proud to work on. How did you help the project succeed? If it didn’t go well, what did you learn?
    - - How do you view the importance of communication in the successful completion of your job? - - What do you do when you are discouraged or your ideas are rejected?

  2. Look for a Passionate Employee

    A good employee is passionate about their work and follows their own internal code of ethics about getting the job done right — and on deadline.

    Good interview questions:

    - - What intrigues you about working for our company?
    - - What’s been your biggest accomplishment either in or out of work that inspired you?
    - - Tell us a story about when you missed a deadline and what happened?

  3. Find a Team Player

    A good employee gets along well with other people. They are not disruptors; they are low drama and focused on making friends, having fun, and being successful.

    Good interview questions:
    - - In six months how will you know if this job is the right one?
    - - Who was your favorite person at your last job and why?
    - - What are the traits that you value in a co-worker?

  4. Think Initiative First

    A good employee shows initiative and makes suggestions to improve the company, or works on their own time to improve their skills.

    Good interview questions:

    - - When was the last time you learned a new skill?
    - - Describe a time when you made a suggestion at work that was adopted by the team.

Know When to Ask for Help

Forbes quotes Jeff Lesher, Principal at EntreQuest, who suggests,

“Most highly valued employees not only perform their jobs admirably — with skill, focus, and passion — they do so in a way that demonstrates their commitment, first and foremost, to the work.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Staffing Assessment Form-1.jpg

But if you’re struggling to find the kind of employee who exhibits the passion we’re describing, it might be time to reach out to a staffing agency. Interview a couple using this great, downloadable tool, compare their benefits, and then book the one that's right for you.

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