How to Build Demand for Your Services

Build Demand

Building demand for your services can be easier and more fruitful in the long run than simply blasting out applications. The more work you do, the more opportunities will open up. Here's how to get started.

Let Prospects Find You

Increase your visibility so new prospects can find you, thus building demand and saving you search time looking for new clients. It also is a great way to avoid spending time and creative energy writing up pitches that may or may not get you assignments. Depending on your industry specialty, you may also be able to spread word just by being active within that industry by participating in online industry groups.

Be the Local Authority

As a recognized authority in your field, you also can charge higher rates, always a good thing. Expand your market as new clients contact you for advice and help with their websites, press releases and other marketing needs. You can become the leader of a professional group that includes clients who want to put your expertise to work promoting their businesses.

Fill a Void

What type of work do you do most of the time? Are you writing press releases or offering creative website design? Do current clients ask you to take on other projects, such as brochures or direct marketing elements? If so, chances are other clients need the same types of work but may not be able to find creative talent easily. You can fill that void and obtain new clients if you let everyone know what types of creative work you are doing. Add samples to your website and talk about these areas of work when you do group presentations or add curated content to your own website.

This combination of having successful work completed, becoming more visible to new clients, adding new markets to serve and filling a void all work together to boost your income, add to your authority status and broaden your client base. Develop a creative niche if competition in that area is lacking. The job requests would flock to you in that case, because you would be the number one creative talent that people know. Speaking to community groups is another way to spread the word about what you do and how business owners can profit from using professional creative talent. When they need work, your name would be a natural to surface first.

You can move into a more lucrative freelance career by taking these few steps to build demand for your services. Contact us today to learn more.

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