UI vs UX jobs - which one is the right hire for you?

Types of UX Jobs

Need to hire some UX Jobs? What type of IT job do you need? A UX designer? Or do you need a UI Developer? Are you not sure? Confused with all the different descriptions and abbreviations for these new digital jobs? Here's a list that might help.
  • UI (User Interface) Designers
    User interface is design for machines and software with the focus on maximizing the user experience. These specialized graphic designers are mainly concerned with how web pages and application screens look overall. They focus on purely visual aspects. Look for skills in Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, etc. UI Designers will be delivering things like mock-ups and visual assets like buttons and banners. Learn more and find job description details here.
  • UI (User Interface) Developers
    Developers on the other hand create, maintain, and troubleshoot scripts and code that makes webpages or applications function correctly. They combine design sense with technical skills and have production skills which enables them to produce designs in Photoshop and then turn them into code. A UI Developer is primarily delivering things like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Learn more here.
  • IA (Information Architects)
    Information Architecture is the art and science of "developing structures of organization to present data and information." (source) They help turn business and technical requirements into planning documents and create things like Sitemaps, Wireframes, User Flow Diagrams, and Customer Journeys. They look at usability and navigation systems, among other things. Click hereto learn about writing an Information Architect job description, or here for some tips on how to hire one.
  • UX (User Experience) Designers
    UX Designers wear many hats and are often the diplomats at the table according to this LinkedIn article. They combine research and design skills to understand what the end user needs and present solutions and designs users want to use. They're highly creative and focus on human behaviors to tell you what you should do and why. UX Designers will deliver you things like wireframes and a/b testing results. Learn more here.
  • UX Architects
    If IA is the map, UX is the terrain. UX Architects act as team leads and often participate in content development/social media for their projects. They provide proactive UX expertise and evangelism to their project teams. Quora describes UX professionals as needing to have "a broad skill set and deep understanding of the interplay between brand, technology, strategy, content, psychology, etc. to craft a solution that will meet the needs of the customer/end user." Want to write a UX Architext job description? Click here for tips.
  • UX Developers
    UX Developers provide skills and activities listed above while managing and owning the actual coding and development of the site. Usually, when you see this term, you should have a conversation with the client and determine the size and scope of their project, how many individuals are actually needed, and which specific specialized skills will best suit their needs. Learn more here.
  • User Researchers/Usability Analysts
    Trained professionals who focus solely on the end users of the software or website. They will often survey, observe, and interview potential users before the solution is ever created. They evaluate early solution concepts to identify strengths, weaknesses, precedents and potential, and test out these concepts with users throughout the development process. Their deliverables may include personas, heuristic evaluations, card sort exercises, and written reports documenting the planning and results of usability testing. Get tips on writing a User Researcher job description here and Usability Analyst here.
  • Project Managers (PM)
    PM's specializing in UX are highly organized and coordinate communications, schedules, budgets, and resources for individual projects. They should be familiar with the skillsets and responsibilities for each role on the project and help guide the development process. Learn more about PM job responsibilities here. Need to write a job description for a Project Manager? Click here.
  • Interaction Designers (IxD)
    IxD's specialized in "what happens when" the end user taps their mobile device, clicks their mouse, or enters data which makes the display change or move. They deliver diagrams, navigation flow charts, and even prototypes or Flash content. Get tips for writing Interaction Designer job descriptions here.

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**Hat Tip to this LinkedIn article by UX Architect Martin Boso for inspiring this blog.**


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