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New and Emerging AI Jobs in 2023

With all this talk about AI, one of the biggest worries is that all of our jobs will become automated. But when it comes to the creative industry, pros are speculating that humans will always be more creative than robots. We agree! But that doesn’t mean you’ll have the same job title and responsibilities. Instead, it's more likely that creatives will have to master and utilize automation and AI platforms, which will change how we work while still being our creative selves. We’re already seeing brand new job titles this year! Here are a handful of new jobs that point to what we can expect for creative jobs in the future.

AI Query Writer (AKA Prompt Engineer)

If you’re already having fun playing with ChatGPT all day, you could be making the big bucks while asking it questions. Basic skills needed include being fluent in English and being patient and diligent enough to teach, learn, and keep a log of the best ways to communicate queries with AI. It’s like being a librarian and robot psychologist in one—no data science degree required.

Possible Annual Salary: $175,000-$335,000

Machine Manager (AKA AI Product Manager)

If you’re already a product manager and have endless ideas for how AI could be used in new ways, you might become a specialized generalist in AI product management. You’ll be tasked with developing and leading new projects using the strategic, tactical, and pressure-testing skills you probably already have. 

Possible Annual Salary: ~ $185,000

AI Ethicist

Not everyone is psyched about AI (especially around copyright infringement). But what if you could get paid to fix these issues and ensure that AI is compliant for the next generation? Now you can be a part of the solution. AI Ethicists are familiar with psychological, philosophical, and legal issues and most likely have a background in data science, philosophy, or a similar field. They work with AI Engineers to ensure AI delivers outputs that are consistent and compliant with human morality and Internet law. 

Possible Annual Salary: ~130,000

AI Trainer

This job has a bit of crossover with AI Query Writers but is more of an analytical, organizational style of job. AI Trainers and Auditors make use of their library science and linguistic skills to train AI and keep note for engineers on how the AI is developing linguistically. They also create cataloging methods and work with the data science and product teams to ensure quality control.
Possible Annual Salary: $90,000-175,000

AI Data Engineer

Data engineers will work with AI Product Managers to build new AI projects from the ground up using available data. If you’re interested in or familiar with engineering apps, websites, and more, this is a natural specialization you might want to jump into next.
Possible Annual Salary: $135,000-$201,000

TLDR; What all these jobs have in common is staying on top of emerging tech advances. The most successful creatives will be the ones who are able to adapt and use this tech to take their creativity to the next level. Consider diversifying your portfolio, taking classes to upskill, and becoming a specialized generalist. Designers—you’ll still be in high demand to design, but you might use AI to expedite and expand your creative output. Writers—you might be called on to teach AI a thing or two about research and human conversation, or you might use AI to help generate creative ideas in your current career.

Finally, if you’re someone looking for a job of the future (especially your near future), we can help!

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