The Worst Graphic Design Advice We've Ever Heard

In our digitally-focused society, consumers are increasingly skimming web content, searching for salient points before moving to the next thing. This means your corporate graphical imagery, those pictures that tell the world who you are, are more important than they’ve ever been.

Don’t believe us? Check out this article from HubSpot.

Think about the graphic images that you use to drive business and set yourself apart from competitors:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Video
  • Collateral materials
  • Store front or business office

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the years that have tried creating their own unique brand identity but struggled because they’ve received bad advice about the elements and process of graphic design.

The Worst Graphic Design Advice

Here’s some of the worst advice we've seen and heard clients have received:

1. Hire my nephew

There is an expression that says, “Don’t poop where you eat.” That’s gross, but in the case of hiring a Graphic Designer, we highly recommend not hiring your office manager’s wife. She may be highly skilled, but how will you hold her accountable without offending her husband – and potentially any of his office colleagues?

The graphic design process is stressful and requires extensive communication. Do you really want to muddy the waters with personal relationship dynamics?

2. Video isn’t important

Cisco tells us that, by 2018, 79% of all online traffic will be video-related. Still think video isn’t important to your business?

3. Cheap is good

While it’s true you can occasionally find a moonlighting college student capable of coming up with a design scheme, generally, you get exactly what you pay for. That $5 design assignment site you're using is giving you exactly that - $5 quality.

4. You can do it yourself

Of course there are templates that will help you build a web site; but what about the content? How about typeface and color scheme? How expansive are your HTML skills? How’s your expertise with search engine optimization? Do you even know the difference between a vector and a raster image?

You can often spot a homegrown business by its inability to carry consistent brand standards across collateral materials. You’ll find typos on their web sites, colors that don’t blend well, and text that isn’t kerned. (If you need to look up the word “kerned,” you need to hire help.) Don't DIY. Generic clip art is just…generic; and you don’t want it on your web site or collateral materials.

5. Less is not more. But is “more” too much?

Telling your story is important. But telling your story concisely but effectively is key to viewer engagement. Word-laden web sites don’t play well in the current market. Even if you think you can write your own copy, find an external editor. We promise your business will benefit.

The GOOD Graphic Design Advice



Artisan Talent can take the sting out of the bad advice you may have received about graphic design. We have tested and approved talent available immediately to make all your graphic design dreams come true.

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