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Secrets the Pros Know About App Building


Most new businesses fail. So do a lot of apps. Why? It’s not just about having a cool idea – the steps you take (or don’t take) to go to market are crucial to your success or failure.

We spoke with a software engineering firm, who shared some secrets for the process of building an app. Turns out the idea is key, but the steps that follow are even more important to your new product launch.

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7 Do’s and Don’ts for Attending a Job Fair



Don’t consider a job fair a “cattle call” – consider it an opportunity. Think about it; what if you could visit one place where several potential employers are seeking to make on-the-spot hiring decisions? What if you could spend a day in one location meeting top recruiters from multiple companies that are searching for the kind of expertise you bring to the table?

How can that be so wrong?

Now that your head is in the job fair game, what are the top do’s and don’ts for attending one of these important career events?

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Why HR Managers Should Review a Salary Guide


Salary guides compile job data. They're a standard part of human resources. When combined with clear vision around what your company can afford to pay, salary guides are a key component to helping inform the job descriptions of future employees. But why would you need to review one if you work in HR?

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New Year, New Desk: How to Make Your Workspace More Inspiring


How many hours a week do you spend at work? Whether you’re a telecommuter or a cubicle worker, your office space matters — especially since you’re living in it about 40 hours a week (more or less).

Redesigning workspace into an inspiring place might give you the impetus to look at 2017 in a new way. New Year, New You...right?  You can gain perspective simply by giving your workstation a makeover. What you might uncover under all that clutter and dust is some real New Year’s inspiration.

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New Year's Resolutions for Creatives


We want this to be your best year ever!

In December, Artisan Talent launched our 2017 campaign called “Inspiring Better Lives.” Our goal is to empower clients and their creative teams to pursue career opportunities to help them excel professionally and personally.

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The #1 Way to Tell if a Candidate is a Good Culture Fit


Why has there been so much emphasis on making sure employees are a perfect “fit” with your company’s culture lately? Because culture fit is that important. If an employee doesn’t mesh with the “why” of your business, they won’t be a successful match.

How can you tell if a potential job candidate will be a good culture fit? What is the #1 way to tell if a candidate is a good culture fit for your business?

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Free Download: Holiday Coloring Book Images


Need something to keep your creative juices flowing over the holiday break? Download and print these eight free holiday coloring book images from one of our fabulous Chicago Illustrator talents: Delaney G!

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The 16 Most Popular Blogs of 2016


2016 was a whirlwind year! Jobs are changing, more jobs are being added, and new laws are favoring creatives.

Manpower North America Senior Vice President, Kip Wright, points out on that it's a great time for new careers:

Employers that are aggressive about looking at their workforce and finding different ways to recruit talent are finding different barriers to find that talent and perhaps even going back to a broader recruiting approach of looking at talent from a capability perspective versus a specific competency perspective. They’re likely to be more competitive over time because they’re likely to find better talent that they can develop to meet their changing job needs.

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Unique Christmas Gifts for Creatives


Have a creative on your holiday shopping list? Here are some unique Christmas gifts for your creatives. Your friendly Designer/Coder/Copywriter/Marketer buddy is sure to love one of these seven ideas.

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Content Marketing Predictions


In past years, marketing teams have focused on content creation as a way to educate their target audience. The idea was that just getting your story out there to surf the digital social media wave would create a brand presence that would lead to more sales.

Then the phrase “content fatigue” arrived. It was an apt descriptor for consumers who were skimming the volume of available content – or discarding most of it. Marketers had to come up with something fast to keep content in front of their targets and need to keep doing so in the upcoming year.

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