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How to Attract The Best Applicants on Indeed

So you want to reach 105 million job seekers? You’ve come to the right place. Indeed offers employers and job seekers the opportunity to find the perfect match. Employers can search resumes, place an ad, and pay to advertise. With all those employers and jobs, how in the world should your company set itself apart from everyone else on Indeed?

Finding Good Candidates on Indeed

Want to find the best potential employees? Ready to attract the best candidates on Indeed?

Follow these three tips...


1. Write killer ad copy

In the same way that you want your business to stand out on social media, you want your job description to capture the attention and imagination of the best job seekers.

This means having a job description that not only matches the job you’re advertising but also shares the vibe of your office.

If you’re looking for a computer programmer to add to your list of smart, snarky computer nerds, then don’t make the ad too “corporate;” make it funny. The tone of a professional c-suite role is going to be different from advertising for a bartender. Use a descriptive title, too, in order to stand out from the crowd.

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2. Simplify the application process

Indeed says candidates will skip filling out long applications. In fact, they tell us asking 30 questions during the interview decrease the volume of completed applications by around half. If you want to cut your talent pool, try asking 45 questions – you’ll lose 90% of your audience.

Candidates are also increasingly applying from their mobile phones. Too many steps in this process are like yelling, “Squirrel!”

So, simplify your processes and make it easier to apply if you want the benefit of a bigger pool of talent.

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3. Improve your corporate brand

Indeed reviews on companies have been guiding candidates to – and from – employers for years. We live in a time where consumer reviews of our products on social media is having a huge impact on our ability to attract new business. The same trend has hit businesses seeking new employees.

Having great reviews on Indeed on what it’s like to work in your business can make all the difference for your recruiting team.

By the numbers, Indeed surveys say:

  • 83% of job applicants say company reviews make a difference on where they apply.
  • 46% say a company’s reputation affects whether they’ll accept a job.
  • There is a corresponding 5% increase in the volume of applicants when company reviews are available and favorable.

Indeed also tells us that 80% of all candidate look at less than 100 jobs during their search process.

If you want to make that list, try paying to become a Featured Employer or sponsor your job posting. These are relatively easy and moderately inexpensive ways to immediately stand out from the crowd.

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Ready for Your Next Hire?

When you add these pay-to-play strategies to the three brand-building tips we’ve highlighted in this article, it’s going to help your company succeed on a job board like Indeed.

Or, you could call an expert. Artisan Talent has pools of creative candidates just waiting to interview. Contact us to talk with a talent specialist today!

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