Should I Post My Resume on Online Job Boards Like Indeed?

Should you post your resume on a big, online job board like Indeed,, or Glassdoor, etc.?
Will employers find you through job boards, or are there better ways? Alison Green of Ask a Manager suggests you don't for the following three reasons.

3 Reasons NOT to use a Job Board for Your Resume

1. You look like YOu're Opting to Spray and Pray

Posting on a big board for just about any job available in your zip code can make it look like you're not being choosy...and Hiring Managers tend to love candidates who are being choosy.

There's a common thought in the hiring industry that candidates post their resume on job sites because they're simply not that great. If you were that great at what you do, they think, you wouldn't need to spray your resume on all the job sites and pray for interviews. "You can dispute that logic if you want, but the mindset very much exists," says Green.

What should you do instead?

Only apply for jobs you're seriously interested in, and apply directly with the company who is hiring. Use sites like Indeed to source for opportunities, but check out individual career sites for more information and the application process.

2. You risk what's known as a recruiter clusterfudge

That's the technical term according to Green. If a recruiter spots your resume online and submits it for an opening, that recruiter now has the "rights" to your candidacy whether you know it or not. Meaning that if that company hired you, it would need to pay the recruiter's fee. But if that company doesn't use outside recruiters, you might get rejected from submission automatically.

What should you do instead?

Use a dedicated staffing agency and let them represent you. The good ones will always check with you before submitting you so you can avoid conflicts of interest.

3. You'll get a ton of spam

If you're not careful with your email and privacy settings, you could end up with a LOT of spam email and jobs you can't use.

What should you do instead?

Use LinkedIn to post your resume. You can let Recruiters know you're looking and it won't go broadcasting your search to your employer.

Final Thoughts

Skip the massive job boards and conduct a carefully targeted job search instead. Work with a reputable Recruiter and be choosy about where you apply.

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