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Myths About Working With Recruiters

So someone mentioned you should consider hiring a third party to help find your next employee? But you haven't heard great things about using Recruiters. Let us set your mind at ease with the real answers to common myths about Recruiters.

Myths About Working With Recruiters

Myth #1: Third-Party Recruiters Are Expensive

Don't think using outside hiring help can fit into your budget? Think again.

The truth?

Many agencies and independent Recruiters charge contingency-based fees. Meaning you don’t have to pay anything until you have a qualified candidate hired. Good agencies will also talk about budget up front and let you know realistically what to expect based on your salary or hourly rate budget.

An important thing to note as well is that agencies can guarantee a placement. If your new hire doesn’t work out and leaves within a certain time frame, the agency helps you find a new candidate to fill the role.

Bounty Jobs for wants you to also consider the ROI generated by partnering with a staffing agency.

Yes, you have to pay for their services, but consider that you lose money every day a position goes unfilled. If the Recruiter can fill that position for you — and can do so in a shorter time frame than your internal team can — your bottom line suffers less from lost productivity.

Bottom line? Recruiters can be more reasonable than you think, and they will save you loads of time...which will save you money.

Myth #2: You Have to Give Up Control

Worried you won't have control of the recruiting process or be able to refer your own candidates? Don't be.

The truth?

Recruiters are friends, not foes! A good staffing agency will have a dedicated Account Manager work with you and their internal recruiting team to find the best match for your company. Reputable staffing agencies know and respect the talent they work with, and if you're lucky enough to work with a boutique staffing agency, you'll find they work one-on-one with you to understand your specific needs.

You get to explain exactly what you're looking for without the work of hunting for the perfect candidate. In fact, your Recruiter probably already knows someone you might like.

Don't forget, if an agency shows you a candidate you don't like or who's resume doesn’t wow you, you always have the right to reject them and ask to see more.

Myth #3: Recruiters only Place Temporary Help

Some people worry that third-party Recruiters can’t solve your permanent hiring problems. They only place temporary help or seasonal workers.

The truth?

This couldn't be further from the truth. While some organizations specialize in that type of placement, a boutique staffing agency can find you full-time help, freelancers for projects, temp-to-perm hires, and more.

In fact, many businesses make a staffing agency part of their team. says that while some organizations only turn to third parties when they are struggling to fill a particular role, others actually create meaningful relationships. "These Recruiters then become permanent features of the organization’s recruiting strategy, rather than Band-Aids used to cover hiring problems."

Myth #4: Using an Agency Looks Bad to Job Seekers

Some agencies do have a bad rep. That's why it's important to seek out a trusted, vetted, and award-winning staffing partner.

The truth?

It’s always best to look for Recruiters who are honest about the job and company they are recruiting for. Seek someone who will be a positive representative of your company and communicate well. On top of that, select an agency that works exclusively with your "type" of talent (i.e., digital creatives, IT professionals, etc.).

Bonus Truth

Replacing employees is expensive. Recruiters in a staffing agency can help you find better matches, which = happier employees, which will reduce turnover. And in the event that one of your new employees leaves right after they're hired? As mentioned before, reputable agencies will offer some sort of guarantee and step in to help.

When Should You Work with a 3rd Party?

Recruiters aren't as scary as they seem! Decided to give it a go with a staffing agency?

Here are the prime times it's a great idea to work with an Agency:

  • You have hard-to-fill roles
  • You have to hire fast
  • Your HR team is slammed
  • You need a specific, creatively skilled role filled
  • You want to conduct a confidential search
  • You need to hire a team of freelancers
  • You don't have time to properly vet and background check

Finding a Trusted Partner

If you're in need of digital, creative, or marketing talent, Artisan would be honored to help. Learn more about our process and reach out when you're ready.

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