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It’s a bit trite and you’ve heard it before - but we all felt it. 2020 truly was a challenging, unprecedented, life-altering year. Companies across American laid off large sections of their hard-working teams. Creative, marketing, and design roles were some of the hardest-hit. Even those who were able to keep their jobs struggled with transitioning to working from home, likely in sweats, and desperately trying to stay productive with their newly-adopted puppy

However, as it goes in our industries, with strife comes a boom of creative energy and the creation of new communities. That was especially true here at Artisan. We saw clear trends emerge in the content you were reading: How to Work Remotely, How to Job Hunt, and How to Update Your Portfolio. In case you missed any of those, we’re revisiting them and calling back to the blogs you emphatically told us that you loved. 

How_To_Work_RemotelyHow to Work Remotely:

Long story short: When working from home, try to keep it as normal as possible. Many of us are capable of being even more productive remotely - but companies should be very aware that’s not everyone. Oh, and don’t forget to take scheduled breaks.

How to Overcome Work from Home Distractions

Four Tips for Successfully Onboarding Remote Employees

6 Reasons to Hire Remote Workers

Work From Home Hacks to Keep You Sane

Honorable_MentionHow to Job Hunt:

Long story short: Get creative. Connect with old colleagues or a new recruiter, use social media and message boards, showcase your work in new ways. Some companies are still hiring and staying attuned to your job search can pay off. 

How to Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

Networking for Introverts

How to Freelance During a Recession

How_To_Update_PortfolioHow to Update Your Portfolio:

Long story short: Portfolios have always, and likely will always be an integral part of the lives of designers and creatives. An online portfolio is the easiest way to showcase your work. A good one can even get you multiple job offers.  

Best Platforms to Build Your Portfolio in 2020

Top 6 Portfolio Design Trends of 2020

Ways to Refresh Your Portfolio (Without Going Crazy)

Honorable_MentionHonorable Mentions: 

Long story short: The racial justice movement this year rightfully made both companies and talent reassess. Artisan was not immune. Remaking an organization takes time - and a lot of team effort. Here are some of the steps we suggest.

How to Promote Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Hiring a More Diverse Team

Going into the new year, whether or not we bring the challenges of 2020 with us, we truly hope your world moves toward a more hopeful future. And we want to be a part of it! Subscribe to our blog notifications or follow us on social media to get frequent updates.

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