what trends do you expect to take hold in 2023?

Top Design Trends for 2023

2022 saw trends like bold graphics and psychedelic text continue to make waves in the design space. But following these types of trends is a new, overarching trend for 2023: the search to create visually stunning new worlds. This is one of the main themes we’re seeing in graphic design and we predict graphic designers will go on to create them using these on-trend tools.

AI graphic exploration

Even though we’re no longer talking about NFTs like we once were, they at least opened a new world to artists who were used to working in more traditional mediums. Artists are now creating imagery using AI to transcend boundaries and worlds, creating out-of-this-world visuals while making use of the quirky AI imagery tech that is still in its infancy. TBH, AI is not going away anytime soon and we predict it will continue to have an impact on the way humans create art in a digital world.

Inclusive design and visuals

There are two ways that design is becoming increasingly inclusive. For one, companies are taking accessibility more seriously as DE&I efforts continue to improve. With greater diversity comes more informed decisions around how businesses prioritize, say, their website accessibility, because no company can afford to be behind the times anymore. The second way diversity presents itself is through the visuals themselves. You’ll see more and more inclusive illustrations and graphics so formerly marginal audiences might finally be able to feel seen.

3D graphics

With the Metaverse continuing to grow, we’re starting to see more designers create 3D graphics for everything from their portfolios to immersive educational profiles. While not all of us are planning on going totally VR anytime soon, we are all looking to expand our worlds and 3D graphics are just one of the many tools we can use to do that. 

Custom Illustrations 

One trend that continues to be a big hit, especially with smaller brands that want to stand out, is custom illustrations. Custom characters or illustrations make your brand more easily recognizable to consumers. Great illustrations can also evoke an emotional pull on their own through action and storytelling. Whether you are going through a rebrand or are one of many craft artisans looking to break through the sameness in your industry, custom illustrations can help you create a world that’s eye-catching and exclusively yours. 

Bold Animation

We talked a lot last year of bold color usage, particularly through nostalgic 90s pop art-inspired graphics. 2023 sees more of a futuristic sci-fi exploration of bold colors—especially using motion graphics. We’ll see characters and warped shapes colored artfully using vibrant ombre spectrums and bright jewel tones. 2023 will see a more psychedelic evolution of last year’s eye-catching animations, and we’re here for it! Animation will continue to be popular, thanks in part to TikTok and Reels, and companies will see great promise in using bold animations in those spaces and beyond to gain attention.

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