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Keyword Discovery and the Top 3 Online Research Tools


Keyword Discovery

You already know how important search engine optimization is to creating a successful website. But how do you determine which keyword to optimize for and which ones are just duds?

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What the Worst Editing Gaffes in Movie History Can Teach You About Editing


Worst Editing Gaffes

Once you've worked a few film editor jobs, you start to develop an eye for all the weird details in movies that stick out, the editing gaffes, the foul-ups, and the weird editing choices that don't quite work. Some of them are more obvious than others, some of them will go unnoticed by the untrained eye, and some of them prove that there's a fair amount of "wiggle room" when it comes to editing video.

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Micro Video Proves Profitable Marketing Ploy


Micro Video

For those involved in web video production and internet video marketing, the arrival of micro video is proving to be a profitable marketing ploy. This exciting and dynamic new tool has moved up from the old days of just being used as a spy camera. Size does matter here, with some micro video HD cameras made up as incredibly tiny devices, small enough to fit into a fountain pen barrel, attached to a pair of sunglasses or incorporated into a car key chain tag. This new equipment is a boon to creative producers to use in marketing their own capabilities, as well as offering new marketing power for clients to use.

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The Cartoon Characters of Leo Burnett


Cartoon Characters of Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett was an advertising executive who was born in 1891 and died in 1971. He was one of the most creative advertisers in that industry, according to Direct Creative. Leo Burnett is credited for changing advertising during the 1960s from lengthy product descriptions with complex buying arguments to simple icons that described easily-understood benefits.

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Understanding How High-End Clients See the World


Understanding High-End Clients

Snagging high-end clients is a dream for most freelancers because the benefits can be lucrative and the resume lines and references golden. As freelancers, we put a lot of energy into creative marketing to win these clients, but once you have them, what do you do with them? Understanding how high end clients see the world and what they expect from you are critical to your success.

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Tumblr and Pinterest Prove that Pictures Speak a Thousand Words in Marketing Lingo


Pictures Speak a thousand words

After thousands of years of human development, we haven't come so far that we no longer respond to the cave painting on the wall. Today's cave wall may be a laptop or a device that fits in the pocket, and the painting may be done with pixels and digital cameras instead of crushed berries and ash from the fire, but we're essentially doing the same thing that our fur-clad ancestors did: we're sharing stories through the direct, powerful medium of still images.

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More Predictions for Mobile Marketing in 2013


Predictions for Mobile Marketing

The growth of mobile marketing in recent years is staggering.

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Brainstorming a Viral Video Hit


Viral Video Hits

You can't force a viral video. But how do you get started on an idea for one that might?

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Declick It: Making Your Website More Streamlined and User Friendly


Making Your Website User Friendly

Perhaps due to the increasing use of mobile devices, or maybe thanks to the general speed at which consumers expect to be presented with information, the web is no longer a place for clutter. It must be user friendly. Any extraneous images or text are a hindrance as viewers quickly parse pages and within seconds decide whether they will bounce or read on.

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4 Essential Mobile Marketing Features to Get Your Business Found


Essential Mobile Marketing Features

With the now ubiquitous use of smartphones, mobile developers have their hands full. There is intense competition to develop the newest in mobile apps, marketing features, and advertising strategies. While there are many ways to take advantage of this growing trend, they needn't be overly complex.

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Basic Coding Mistakes We're Still Seeing in 2013


Basic Coding Mistakes

Experienced programmers still make simple coding mistakes. These errors can have serious, far-reaching consequences.

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Changes in Mobile Keyword Research for 2013


Mobil Keyword Research

Mobile keyword research is an information retrieval service used by mobile devices. It typically takes the form of a web search engine that allows users to search websites that are accessible by mobile devices.

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How to Get Less Traffic to Your Website


Get Less Traffic to Your Website

Tired of having so many visitors to your website every day? Wish there was a way to get rid of all those pesky customers? Ticking off your visitors isn't always easy, but if you really put the time and effort into it, you should have no problem getting them to stop visiting your website for good. Here's our four-point-plan to make your visitors leave and never, ever come back:

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What's Your Web Development Life Story?


Web Development Life Story

We'd like to introduce you to a growing technology consultancy firm in beautiful Downtown Chicago.

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Proofreading as an Art


Proofreading as an Art

Did you ever consider that proofreading is actually an art? It is true that jobs in creative writing may not use hard tools like paint and canvas, but within this career, most tasks, including proofreading, are a form of art. The canvas is paper or a digital screen, the paint is the text and/or graphic content, and the final product artist would be the proofreader who is in charge of final stage approval of that content.

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Make Yourself More Hirable than the Next Person


Make yourself More Hirable

Getting the creative job of your dreams isn’t easy, whether you’re a freelancer or you want to work for a top organization. There’s a lot of competition and you don’t always enjoy the opportunity to showcase your cool and original talents until after you’ve made it through the less creative aspects of getting noticed by potential employers.

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Twitter Launches Updated Mobile Search and Discover


Mobile Search and Discover

Twitter may be one of the most valuable tools today for the connected web designer, internet marketer, freelancer, student, parent, friend, and job seeker. Just take a look at some of these striking Twitter statistics (as of December 2012) to realize the vast potential of this social media tool:

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Beyond Social Media: Interactive Marketing Strategy for 2013


Interactive Marketing Strategy

According to marketing maven Heidi Cohen, only 2.85 percent of inbound traffic comes from any one social media outlet. On the other hand, search nabs 35% of the traffic. Add Grant McDougall (he’s a managing partner at Rosetta) and his 2013 prognostications and you have an urgent call for intensively “customer obsessed” creative marketing.

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5 Commonly Used Words You Should Avoid in Your Cover Letter


5 Commonly Used Words You Should Avoid

Freelancers face many unique challenges for landing the jobs they want. Skipping these cover letter mistakes can help give you an edge in your search for employment.

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How to Use Social Media to Expand Your Tech Savvy


Using Social Media to Expand Your Tech Savvy

Looking for employment? You need to stay on top of the relevant technology. You need to be tech savvy.

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User Experience with Quora: A Social Media Love-Hate Relationship


Quora User Experience

Some internet habitués love it while others hate it. However, many online commentators are simply shaking their heads in confusion about the changing identity of Quora, the social media website known for massive troves of Q&A information on everything from the arts to user-interface computer design.

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