A Day in the Life of a Lead Talent Representative

Ever wondered what it's like to be a Recruiter? What do they do all day? What does a Lead Recruiter at a staffing agency do?

The Lead Recruiter is a contributing manager and will be responsible for managing a team of Recruiters and Resource Specialists. The purpose of the role is to ensure that client positions are filled with high-quality candidates and that the candidate pipeline is continuously growing and reflects the talent that clients are requesting.

Meet Lucas Frisbie, the newest member of Artisan Talent's staff and Lead Talent Representative.

How did you end up becoming a Recruiter?

I was working at ESPN Radio at the time and a good friend of mine actually "recruited" me out of radio and into the recruiting industry. Yes, we're still friends to this day.

Describe your typical work day

Oh wow, where do I start...My typical day is pretty busy from start to finish and honestly I love that a lot about my job! My day is split between actual recruiting and helping my team strategize/prioritize their day and the roles they will be recruiting for.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Without a doubt building and maintaining relationships with the talent and hiring managers I've met throughout my career! I know a lot of recruiters say they're solely focused on building long term meaningful relationships but how many actually follow through with that? I do everything I can to get to know someone on both a personal and professional level and to this day there's talent I've met at the beginning of my career who I'm still in contact with even though I might not have ever been able to place them. I look at my job more as I'm paid to build relationships/friendships than just "recruiting."

What’s the biggest mistake you see when meeting with potential talent?

I can't pinpoint one real mistake I've seen, but if there's a message I'd love to get across to talent it's that there are Recruiters and Talent Reps out there who generally love and care about what they do as well as the talent/clients they work with.

I feel some people are a bit guarded or apprehensive when meeting with agencies like ours and rightfully so...there's some horror stories out there. However, history and reputations proves that Artisan genuinely cares about the well being of both our talent and clients and we take that part of our job's very seriously.

What's the biggest resume mistake you see?

I'd say grammar and consistency. Not only should you proofread your resume, but have a second fresh set of eyes proofread it as well.

Do you have a favorite type of talent to work with?

If I had to choose I'd say UX Designers. I love the whole thought process they go through and there's something rewarding about being able to take a product that doesn't function well and make it as user friendly as possible.

A quick intro to Interactive Designers if you're curious:


What are some of your favorite ways to broaden your network of professionals?

I do as much as I can to network myself outside of work. About a year or so ago I discovered a hidden passion I had for photography (thank you Instagram) and I've met a lot of extremely talented photographs and creatives from the photo community. I'm also very active with different tech meet up groups like AIGA, iXDA, and STA.

What careers have you seen grow rapidly and what ones will continue to grow?

Anything digital.. Especially along the lines of social media and content creation! Companies are starting to realize how effective social media can be when done right and you've got large agencies (like Havas) who have shifted their business model of the traditional ad agency to more of a focus on using social to help market and brand companies.

Also, anything along the Design (UI and UX) and Development front (FED) are continuing to grow with the power of smart phones and tablets.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring creatives?

Be true to who you are and your craft!

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