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How Managers Can Find Support in 2024

Happy 2024! Not gonna lie, 2023 was rough, from inflation woes to layoffs to the lowering of budgets everywhere. So we’re starting this year off with uplifting ways we can support one another through good and bad times. Today’s article is all about how managers can find and connect with their true supporters this year. Even if you’re not a manager, you’re going to want to pay attention—because offering support can help us all be better, more productive coworkers.

  • Communicate

Ok, we're going to start with a simple one that so many people get wrong. If you want support as a manager, you have to initiate support. People look up to you so be the one to begin the conversation. Set aside time to meet with key players, set goals together, and make concrete plans to see them through. Remember that your best supporters are the people who respectfully challenge you with new ideas and hold you accountable, so make sure you're giving them that opportunity, and don’t let your ego get in the way. As a manager, you need to demonstrate humility and understanding while finding ways forward—great supporters will mirror these traits and can help you get there faster, together.

  • Foster Accountability

After setting goals, keep track of them together. Sometimes this is where support might dwindle, but do not hold it against people. Not everyone will be your biggest supporter and that’s okay. But the people who stick around, who show through their actions that they’re willing to provide, seek, and act on feedback, are the ones who are in it to win it. Meet regularly (like once a month) and evaluate where each of you can improve. Remember that both communication and accountability are a two-way street—you get the support you give, so make these meetings worth your time and theirs. 

  • Be your own Cheerleader

Often support must come from within, too, as freelancers know all too well. In 2024, take the time each month to support your career development in new ways. First, take the time to list out what you want to achieve this year in tangible goals (the SMART method is a great tool for outlining what you want). Then take action toward your goals. Maybe one month you take classes on a platform of your choice and another month you make it a point to go to a networking event. The point is to challenge yourself while cheering yourself on toward your goals. We can sometimes be our own biggest supporters, so don’t ignore your internal hype person!

  • Network

After some time, you’ll your best supporters inside your company will start to surface (and chances are that you helped them receive the support they need, too). Now it’s time to look outside your workplace. Where do you have the capacity to support others? What types of support are you looking for in exchange? Decide on what’s possible and then connect with people who genuinely interest you and could help encourage your career growth. These people most likely will be mentors or executive-level leaders, but not necessarily. A mid- or junior-level creative might have the skills and insight to help you see things differently, or even want to collaborate with you on an innovative project. Just make sure these communications are beneficial for both of you and you’ll begin to see just who your true supporters are.

TLDR; in 2024 you might find that it’s easier than ever to find support. After several years of hardship in many industries, as well as the economy, the general vibe is that people want to continue to help one another and foster community. But you have to put the work in to start the conversation. As a manager, the sense of responsibility to foster these relationships is great—but the reward is even better.

If you want to make greater connections in the new year, why not start with the recruiters here at Artisan? We’re always looking to build our network and help managers find great talent.

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