Skills you should learn to be competitive in 2024

Creative Skills You Need to be Competitive in 2024

In a fast-paced world that grows faster by the day (at least, it feels that way to us!), the competition is fierce out there for creatives looking to land a new job or get promoted. So, how will you stand out in the upcoming year? Right now is a great time to ensure you’re leveling up your game by learning must-have skills and positioning yourself as the type of fearless creative who can tackle all different types of projects. Here are the skills that hiring managers will be looking for in 2024…

AR/VR Knowledge

The Augmented and Virtual Reality spaces include a large umbrella of skills that more companies are looking for, especially if you’re a designer, animator, video editor, or developer but also if you're a marketer or a brand strategist. Tons of industries are looking to take advantage of the new(ish) technology to get creative in their advertising, marketing, and retail experiences. So if you're interested in moving into a cutting-edge company in the retail, entertainment, or tech space, you'll definitely want to start investing in these skills.

But, since it can be daunting, start with the skills that you’re interested in. For example, if you’re more of an animator, look into 3D modeling as a gateway. If you’re a sound engineer or producer, learn about spatial audio. You’ll definitely need to learn 3D programming languages like Java and Python, too. But it helps to focus on what you’re most interested in first, followed by the necessary STEM tools to get you to your final projects. You don’t need to be an expert in AR/VR (it certainly won’t come overnight!). The fact is, this is where the creative industry is headed and AR/VR-related skills are already in demand. The sooner you can pick up coding skills and develop a solid understanding of this space, the better.

Comfort Using AI to Speed Up Projects

We’ve talked on this blog a lot about AI and how it can be helpful in generating ideas, writing draft copy, and even preparing for interviews. Companies are embracing AI, too, and they’re going to want to hire people who aren’t afraid to use it to help with projects. Being savvy and informed about how to prompt AI is probably the biggest skill you can use, followed by how you implement the ideas you gather from AI tools. Whether you’re a designer looking for layout ideas, a social media maven looking for hashtags, or a copywriter looking for blog topics, AI can help you cut corners and prove that you’re able to use largely unfamiliar tech to your advantage. Getting better at this skill is easy and can actually be fun—all you need to do is spend time with AI, rewording prompts and keeping track of which type of prompts provide the best results. In interviews, you’ll be able to speak with authority on how AI helps you arrive at the best ideas quicker. It’s a win-win for you and the company that hires you.

Advanced Figma skills

The pandemic introduced many of us to Figma. This powerful design tool makes collaboration a breeze and speeds projects up like no other. It’s user-friendly, so even if you’re not a designer, Figma is an easy software tool to learn—either through their helpful tutorials or through playing around in the program. Figma is now indispensable when it comes to remote and hybrid work for teams. At this point, everyone, even the non-designers among us, should be fluent in Figma. So grab a free trial or check out their tutorials on YouTube and learn the ropes!

Be a Flexible Creative with Some Serious Range

After the past years’ layoffs, especially within the tech and startup world, companies are looking to hire fewer people with a broader range of skills. That sounds daunting on paper, but what we really mean is someone who displays agility and curiosity. You’re the type who is able to commit time to learning new skills on the fly and applying them to projects at hand. You’re not necessarily the most advanced at ALL these skills (that would make you superhuman!). But you have a proven track record of dabbling in different areas of your expertise and you’re not afraid of challenges. Be sure that your portfolio showcases a broad range of your talent across various media and that your resume lists your skills and software proficiencies. In interviews, speak about how you overcame creative challenges through learning and honing new skills. They’ll be impressed with what you're able to do and you’ll stand out above the competition.

TLDR; We’ve outlined new and emerging skills you’ll need to stand out as a job candidate in 2024, but it’s worth mentioning that you’ll need to weave the above skills with your traditional abilities. Don’t lose sight of the importance that companies still place on skills like storytelling, data analysis, content strategy, and digital proficiency. When deciding to learn new skills, start with what matters most to you so that learning stays fun and tied to your natural interest. After all, you’ll already stand out for your unique personality and talents. The skills can only help you go for the job you truly want. 

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