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Lean Is In: Why It's a Good Idea to Present a Quick, Trim Website


Lean Website Design Is In

This year, complex website design is out, and streamlined, lean designs are in. There are numerous reasons for this, but one of the most prominent is the continued growth of mobile technology.

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Nailing the Final Cut: Dos and Don'ts of Video Editing for Online Marketing


Dos and Don'ts of Video Editing for Online Marketing

Any business with a video marketing strategy should be aware of the potential pitfalls of editing online video clips. Avoiding microscopic text or excessive visual effects and making good using of audio and video correction techniques, can make all the difference between an effective video and a waste of money.

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Building the Perfect Online Web Design Portfolio


Online Web Design Portfolio

Building a web design portfolio to get you the freelance web designer job or the fulltime position that you're after is easier said than done. Think of building your portfolio as a process rather than as a task, and you'll be on the right track. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

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Dissecting the Perfect Cover Letter


Dissecting the Perfect Cover Letter

As a freelancer, you must apply to jobs more often than most, so learning about the job application and interview process is paramount.
With any job application, the cover letter is one of the most important components you will include. Aside from your resume, this document will have more influence on a potential employer than any other. To maximize your chances of landing jobs, you must master the cover letter for freelancers.

Understanding Cover Letters

Your cover letter is a document that serves as an introduction to your resume. Because a potential employer reads your cover letter first, it is essential that the letter capture the employer's interest. Cover letters should follow the format of a business letter, and they should be approximately three paragraphs in length.

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Experts Weigh In on the Best Jobs for 2013


Experts Weigh In on the Best Jobs for 2013

If you’ve been looking for the best jobs for any length of time and you’re running out of options, you may have already arrived at the opinion that there’s no such thing as a lousy job. After all, pretty much anything beats unemployment – right?

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2013's Staffing Agency Regulations: How Will Job Seekers Be Impacted?


2013's Staffing Agency Regulations

The year 2013 is bringing some new staffing agency regulations to temp agencies and creative staffing agencies alike that have some professional freelancers asking, "How will this impact me and my ability to earn a living?" The good news is, the only impacts will be of a positive nature. And in some cases, depending on where they live, contracted workers may not feel any impact at all.

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The Dos and Don'ts of Communicating with a Potential Client via Email


Communicating with a Potential Client via Email

Every email message you send a potential client should convey the right message in the right way. Yet inboxes everywhere are still awash in communiqués featuring CAPS LOCK, "!!!"s, "LOL"s, and ":)"s that smack of laziness and unprofessionalism at the very least. None of these things should appear in your email efforts to land a freelance graphic design job.

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Giving Your Blog More Oomph (and Visibility) Through Curated Content


Giving Your Blog More Oomph (and Visibility)

A relatively new type of blog we're seeing these days is the curated content blog. This refers to content that has been gathered from around the web and presented in a cohesive format through a blog or website.

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The Turn of a Friendly Card: How Being Polite Can Help You Land a Job


How Being Polite Can Help You Land a Job

In today’s frenetic tech-based society, sometimes all it takes to stand out from the crowd of fellow job seekers is the human touch. A recent NPR story noted that people searching for employment spend about 70-80 percent of their time looking for jobs online, yet 70-80 percent of the available jobs are never even listed there.

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How to Make a Killing Designing Mobile Apps


Designing Mobile Apps

We probably don't need to tell you that there's no way to guarantee that your app is going to make you rich. What we can do, on the other hand, is help you get a start in creating mobile app design that has greater potential to really catch on. Here are a few things that a lot of the top mobile apps have in common.

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Forget Commercials - Promoting Client Sites With Online Video


Promoting Client Sites With Online Video

Freelancers in film editor jobs or those professionals who create video marketing strategy are increasingly taking the online video route for promotion of client websites. There are several reasons for this trend, including budget limitations.

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Online Video Stats to Make You Rethink Your Approach to Video Marketing


Online Video Stats to Make You Rethink Your Approach to Video Marketing

Videographer careers are on the rise for one simple reason: people love video.

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Make Up to $1000 With Artisan’s Referral Program


Artisan's Referral Program

The talented creative, technical, and interactive professionals we work with are part of a thriving, tight-knit community. And now, when you put us in touch with the people you know, it can pay off for everyone.

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Keeping It Legal: Web Designers Held Liable for Clients' Website Use


Web Designers Held Liable

A legal precedent set recently in Sweden is causing a lot of freelance web designers to worry. According to reports, a 23-year-old web designer was found guilty in a Swedish court of copyright infringement offenses for his contracted work building what would eventually become a highly controversial torrent site, The StudentBay.

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Online Video Content Cited as Top Priority for Companies Interested in Boosting Their Online Profiles


Online Video Content

You’d think by now, every small business owner would have learned that one of the paths to the greatest online visibility lies in the creation of videos. Internet video marketing isn’t new – it’s a tool that companies have been using for more than a decade to attract potential customers and to keep existing customers coming back again.

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Uncertain Times Lead to Increase in Freelance Opportunities


Freelance Opportunities

There’s great news for creative professionals who have always dreamed of working for themselves and having the freedom to move from one exciting project to the next. With a growing number of companies hiring freelance professionals to perform jobs previously held by full-time employees, never before has there been a better time to be a freelancer. Ironically, much of that can be attributed directly to the uncertain economic times we’re facing today.

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Does Your Site Need A Responsive Design?


Need a Responsive Design?

Inquiring minds and business owners like yourself want to know: what’s the big deal about responsive design for websites? Isn’t it enough to simply deploy two versions of your site – one for desktops, the other for mobile devices – and be done with it? The answer to that question is, most assuredly, no.

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CSS3 Tutorials - Backgrounds


CSS3 Tutorials

Background properties allow a CSS author to control the appearance of an element’s background. CSS has contained background properties since version 1 but many of these properties are new with CSS3. This module will demonstrate the use of the background-size and background-origin properties.

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CSS3 Tutorial - Introduction


CSS3 Tutorial

Hypertext Markup Language is a method of describing web pages and associated information so that a web browser can display that page. HTML can use cascading style sheets to further describe a web pages attributes such as the appearance and layout of text. The World Wide Web Consortium maintains both HTML and CSS, and encourages HTML programmers to use CSS instead of explicit HTML code.

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