Ways AI can help you land a job

5 Ways AI Can Help You Land A Job

The state of the job market is tough right now, both for companies and for the creatives looking for work. Aside from working with a recruiter or networking, you should know that AI can be a very helpful tool in helping you land a job. The beautiful part about working with AI is that it already draws from existing, popular methodologies that have proven to work for humans—because we are what makes AI smarter! Why not make use of these powerful, free crowdsourcing tools during your job search?

Here are 5 different types of AI that can help you land your next gig:

1. To Enhance Your Resume and Profiles

Thanks to AI, you don’t necessarily have to be a resume pro, SEO wizard, or hashtag genius to enhance your resume or business profiles. By submitting several detailed and specific prompts around your desired position, current experience, and personality, AI tools like ChatGPT can write better sentences for your resume, provide necessary SEO terms, and suggest relevant hashtags for your social posts and profiles to help you get found by the right people. And then there are AI tools like KickResume, Rezi, and Skillroads designed to draft resumes (and cover letters) from scratch. Remember to always refine your questions when you’re not satisfied with the answers and tailor the final language to your own voice. The robots are helpful in gaining the hiring manager’s attention with keywords and phrases, but you still have to wow them with your unique personality and talents. Find the happy medium between the two and you’ll be in business.

2. To Help you Fill out Applications Faster

We've all trudged through job applications that didn't allow for auto-filling information, rewriting, or copy/pasting our resumes for every single job application. Not any more—there are crafty AI tools, both paid and free, that can fill out job applications for you. Write your information once and these helpers will fill out each application, allowing you to apply to jobs in seconds. While we don’t condone rage applying or mindless applying, we are also living through what some call the September Surge, where tons of new job openings will hit the boards. Having a tool with all your resume details and answers to tough questions at the ready could help you be one of the first applicants, every time.

3. To Help you Prep for an Interview

As we’ve covered recently, AI tools like ChatGPT can be super helpful when it comes to interviews. But there’s another AI tool that’s new on the scene: Prepper is a free interview prep tool that is designed exactly for this purpose. Unlike ChatGPT, Prepper gamifies your interview experience, showing you how well you’ve done and which areas could use improvement. Prepper will show you how your answers stack up against other suggested answers, helping you become a powerful, confident interviewee in no time. Even better—this service is free with sign-up. 

4. To Revamp Your Portfolio

We have a full blog on this coming in the next month, but this type of AI tool just has to be included here. AI in some form has already existed in portfolio sites like Wix, where you can opt for the platform to add AI-generated SEO terms, keywords, and copy blocks to enhance the discoverability of your site. But now there are platforms that will build you a new website from scratch—no code necessary. If you are someone in dire need of a new website but do not have the skill or budget to bring on a designer, AI tools like Durable and Elementor could help you build the new portfolio site of your dreams. All you need is the vision, your selected projects, and awareness of your own personal brand. AI can help with the rest.

5. To Draft Difficult Messages

For some people, the hardest part of landing a job involves getting through social anxieties and excitement in order to communicate effectively with your future colleagues. You want to set a great first impression but overthinking every interaction is getting in your way. From thank-you notes to salary negotiation discussions, AI can help you figure out how to navigate any conversation. Simply include in your prompt the type of person you’re speaking with, their role, and how you want to be perceived (confident, but not demanding, for example), and let AI help you role-play what to say. Then tailor the message to fit your natural speech and send it.

One note of caution on AI

While all these platforms can be incredibly helpful to get you organized and ready for interviews, we would be absolutely remiss without giving a note of caution. AI platforms - especially ChatGPT - have some of the highest adoption rates of any tech platform out there. The problem? We could easily end up all sounding the same. That's why we leave you with two deeply important tips for any time you use AI: 1) Give incredibly detailed prompts. 2) Edit, fact-check, and then edit more. The only way to get specialized, personalized results from these platforms is to give specialized, personalized prompts... and then make sure they're not only correct but sound like you.

TLDR; We are living in a new era where AI can be a productive tool in helping you land a job. From portfolio-building sites to the gamification of interview prep, these tools are now available to give anyone a leg-up on the competition. That said, humans are still the dominant species here. Do not rely on the robots too much—after all, YOU are who companies want to hire. In the end, make sure your uniqueness shines above all those SEO keywords and AI-driven designs.

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