AI to help you prep for interviews

ChatGPT Prompts to Help you Prepare for Interviews

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a long time, but now we finally have open-source ways of using it ourselves for free. It's likely you're already using ChatGPT, for example. And it's one of the best sources of AI that creatives and marketers are now able to use in order to generate ideas, gain market insights, and even help write copy. But what about preparing for interviews? The answer is, you guessed it, ChatGPT can definitely help you prepare for interviews. But the key to a great sesh lies in the quality of your prompts. Let’s begin there…

When writing prompts, remember these important tips:

1. Present your problem with context. AI doesn’t know who you are and what you want to know, so start there every time. But remember, DO NOT give the robots any sensitive, private info about yourself. Just stick to the face-value facts.

Example: I am a senior graphic designer who works on websites in retail, but I’ve never worked on a healthcare website before.

2. Get very specific in your question. It’s not enough to ask general questions about your intended target. The robot doesn’t have the intuition to infer what you’re asking and it won’t ask you to clarify (like a human would). You must get specific from the jump.

Vague Example: What differences should I know between the two?

Specific Example: What important graphic elements set healthcare websites apart from retail websites?

3. Not satisfied with an answer? Keep fine-tuning! The longer you spend with the robot on a prompt, the more its answers will be tailored to your needs.

Clarifying Example: What important graphic elements are trending right now that set healthcare websites apart from retail websites?

Now, let’s get to the exciting part—

Here are some prompt examples to help you prepare for your interviews.

Remember to alter them to fit your situation, follow up with clarifying questions, and have fun!

1. I’m interviewing for [job title]. What are the most important skills that the [hiring manager’s title] will ask me about in this interview?

2. I have a gap in my resume due to [state reason]. What is the best way to discuss this gap in my resume during my interview?

3. I’m interviewing with [company] for the [job role]. What types of projects are the best to showcase and walk them through during my interview?

4. During my interview with [company] for [position], I know they’ll ask me about my leadership experience. What are some popular questions or ways that hiring managers ask about leadership skills? 

  • Follow up: What are the best ways to answer these questions?

5. I’m preparing for an interview with [company], but I don’t know much about them. What are the most important facts I need to know about the company and specifically [insert team name]?

6. I’m interviewing with [hiring manager title] for the role of [insert role]. What are some atypical and engaging questions I can ask the hiring manager during my interview?

7. I’m worried that during my interview for [insert job title], [insert company] will ask me about my abilities in [skill]. I don’t have any experience in this area, though. How can I still give a satisfying answer to their questions about this experience?

8. I want to ask about benefits and time off during my [job title] interview with [company], but I don’t want to come off as demanding or too forward. What are some casual ways I can ask about benefits? And when is the right time to ask these questions?

9. I’ve never worked for a [type of company] before, though I have worked in [list industry/ies]. What are some key differences I should be aware of when interviewing with this [type of company]?

10. I’m interviewing for [job role] with [company]. These are the projects/use cases I plan on walking them through: [insert content from your presentation/note cards]. Do you have any feedback on where I can improve this presentation?

Bonus: Let ChatGPT be the interviewer!

After prompting and studying answers, why not try some role-play? Tell ChatGPT to pretend to be the interviewer and you’ll type your answers in real time. Here’s an example of a prompt:

I’m a/n [your job title] interviewing for a job with [company or company industry]. Pretend that you are the hiring manager, a [insert their job title], and interview me for the open [insert position title]. You will start by asking me a question and I will return with my response. Let’s begin.

TLDR; With a quick search you can find tons of valuable questions to ask ChatGPT in preparation for your interview, no matter the role! You’ll just need to spend time with ChatGPT, refine your prompts, and trust your gut if any of its responses feel off. It’s not perfect, but it’s a free way to simulate an interview, helping you to calm your nerves, and get comfortable answering questions—even if you are talking to a robot. 

Once you feel prepared, take a look at our job postings to get inspired and maybe take your next leap into interviewing for one of these roles…

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