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4 Do's and Don'ts for Finding and Keeping Talent


Hoping to hire the best employees possible? Need to be better at at keeping talent engaged? A great job description is a good start, but consider these four do's and don'ts as well.

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The Anatomy of a Good Job Description {Infographic}


Looking to hire some new talent? Have an empty cubicle in on your floor? The first thing you need is a solid job description. If you don't have a talented staffing agency or HR department to create one for you, you'll have to get to work. Here's how.

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5 Things a Web Designer Shouldn't Do


There are a lot of things that you can do to get work as a Graphic Designer or Web Designer through a creative talent agency as a freelancer or full-time worker. And no matter what type of company you will or won't be working for, there are five things that you should never, ever do.

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Unique Resume Layouts


What makes an outstanding resume?

Obviously, the content of your resume is important. You want to make sure it has the right contact information and relevant experience and that it showcases your skills and assets. Of course, you want to make sure it is formatted in a professional manner and that it is free of any errors. That’s about it, right? Well, not so fast.

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How Potential Employees Can Interview For a Perfect Culture Fit


If you’re in the process of interviewing for a new job, we have some advice. Remember, you’re both interviewee and interviewer. While you’re on the spot to look your best in front of an HR team, they should also be held accountable to your questions -- to determine if the role is a good fit.

Fitting into an existing workplace culture is incredibly important. If you can glean from the interview process a sense of what kind of corporate culture you’re potentially joining, then you’ll have a much better shot at making the job work out long term.

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How To Save a Bad Interview


No matter how well you've prepped, or how charismatic and professional you usually are, there will come a time when an interview doesn't go well. It may be that you and the interviewer simply didn't mesh well, and the whole thing was awkward. You leave feeling uneasy, wondering how you could have saved it. Then there are times when you make a blunder. Perhaps you are late, get the interviewer's name wrong, get a huge case of nerves and freeze up, or the opposite happens and you get overly excited and ramble. Maybe you misjudge the situation and don't dress appropriately. There are a host of things that can go wrong. 

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Hire Slow, Fire Fast: Why You Should Take Your Time With Your Next Hire


Don’t hate us because the title of this article is a cliché. We’re here to tell you that clichés, while overdone and common, are almost always based in fact. In the case of the old phrase “hire slow, fire fast,” this couldn’t be truer.

An important body of research was released by CareerBuilder and reported on by Global HR Research in early 2016. In addition to costing companies some serious cash, bad hires impact everything from company culture to employee morale, to the external impression others have of your business.

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5 Forgotten Projects from Chicago’s Design Legacy


A Guest Blog from the Chicago Design Museum

As the biggest city between the coasts, Chicago has been a natural epicenter since major railroad projects in the 1800s allowed for mass export of objects and ideas. Since, we have realized unprecedented projects that aim high in hope and work including the World’s Columbian Exposition, the founding of national publications Ebony, Jet, and Playboy, Design for Democracy’s national standards for election and ballot design, open heart surgery, fluorescent light bulbs, and the recycling symbol.

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How to Interview for a Perfect Culture Fit


Having a new employee fit into the existing culture of your workplace is undeniably important. Culture is the true heart and identity of your business; it’s the unique corporate personality that helps drive the productivity of your internal teams.

We’ve interviewed countless business owners over the years, and they all agree that finding a new employee who blends with company culture is just as important as finding a candidate with the right skill set for the job.

But how do you interview for the perfect culture fit?

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How to Negotiate Your First Full-Time Job


So you've been freelancing for awhile, but you are craving the stability of a full-time position, not to mention the benefits! Health insurance, retirement, and paid vacation days are starting to sound pretty good. 

Once you've found an employer with the perfect job, here's how to negotiate the perfect salary and benefits.

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Business Webinars: How Low-Cost Webinars Yield High Return


Webinars combine two things that are hot right now: video and content. Businesses are using webinars to build their brand by sharing their expertise. Even better, webinars create actionable leads that can be converted into sales. Should you consider hosting a business webinar?

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How to Interview Like a High-Quality Job Candidate


 Here’s a no-brainer: Every HR manager is looking for the best fit for the job. He or she is always hunting for high-quality job candidates. It turns out some scientific findings support key behaviors to look for in a high-quality candidate. HR professionals take note; Gallup research correlates these “Grade A” candidates with better job performance. So what are the character traits that an HR manager should look for when interviewing?

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